Before wearing the Safetypup® Costume some assembly is required. Please follow these steps to ensure you properly assemble the Safetypup® Costume.

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Safetypup® Waist-hoop 1

1. Insert the hoop thru opening in the back.

Safetypup® Waist-hoop 2

2. Feed hoop all the way thru until you can see both ends.

Safetypup® Waist-hoop 3

3. Connect the ends of waist-hoop together.

Safetypup® Waist-hoop 4

4. Adjust costume so hoop forms round belly shape.

Safetypup® tail

1. Insert tail into the opening and attach to four fasteners.

Safetypup® belt 1

2. Insert yellow belt thru the loops on outside of jumpsuit.

Safetypup® belt 2

3. Attach the belt in the back using the hook & loop fastener.

Safetypup® belt 3

4. Be sure belt is not too tight causing costume to pucker.

Safetypup® jumpsuit1

1. Open the back & step into the jumpsuit.

Safetypup® jumpsuit2

2. Close the back using the hook&loop fastener.

Safetypup® jumpsuit3

3. Attach cape to hook & loop at shoulders.

Safetypup® jumpsuit4

4. Tie the cape loosly around the neck.

Safetypup® foot1

1. Open the back of the Safetypup® foot, insert your foot then close.

Safetypup® foot2

2. Tie the strap around your ankle.

Safetypup® foot3

3. Tuck and "blouse" any excess pantlegs into the yellow cuff.

Safetypup® foot4

4. Check that pants are not hanging out of yellow cuff.

Safetypup® head1

1. Place head inside of headgear and turn on fan.

Safetypup® head2

2. Check that cape is tucked under red collar.

Safetypup® head3

3. Adjust until red collar hangs down over shoulders.

Safetypup® head4

4. Head should set evenly on shoulders without tipping.

Safetypup® gloves1

1. Slip thumb through the elastic loops sewed inside sleeves.

Safetypup® gloves2

2. Bunch up and hold remaining sleeve material.

Safetypup® gloves3

3. Slide glove on keeping middle & ring fingers together.

Safetypup® gloves4

4. Tightly close hook & loop on glove cuff and tuck in excess sleeve.

Safetypup® Costume

Safetypup® Costume fully assembled and ready for a spotter. Always have a spotter!

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