NCSC’s Safetypup® Costume is a perfect fit with Police Departments & Sheriff Offices across the U.S.

The Safetypup® Costume, made of lightweight materials, offers increased mobility, comfort, and a lot of charm.

Because our Safety Mascot is encouraged not to speak we’ve paid a great deal of attention to detail to make Safetypup®’s personality shine!

The Safetypup® Costume brings life to any event your local Police Department or Sheriff Office hosts or attends.

Since 1985, Safetypup® has been the nationally recognized safety mascot of National Child Safety Council (NCSC). 

Safetypup® is beloved by children and police & sheriff departments across the U.S. It’s our pleasure to bring Safetypup® to life and offer you one of the finest costumes available to help educate your community about child & safety. Because Safetypup® does not speak, we’ve paid a great deal of attention to detail to make his personality shine!

Large Safetypup® Head

  • Wearer now sees through nose
  • Sculpted face & friendly smile
  • Shiny, acrylic eyes

Adjustable Headgear

  • Ratchet Suspension
  • Adjusts to neck height
  • Easily replaceable insert

Built-in Cooling Fan

  • Fan circulates fresh air
  • Vents improve air flow & hearing
  • 9volt battery (one included)

Safetypup® Furry Gloves

  • Soft, comfortable fur gloves
  • Hook & loop wristbands
  • Fits wide range of hand size

Safetypup® Jumpsuit

  • Washable Jumpsuit
  • Removable waist hoop for Washing
  • Removable bright Yellow Belt

Safetypup® Cape & Tail

  • Washable, red cape
  • Detachable tail for washing
  • Note: Does not enable flying

Safetypup® Furry Feet

  • Feet fits over most street shoes
  • Hook & loop straps
  • Extra large for extra cuteness

Storage & Shipping Box

  • Large, durable cardboard box
  • Use to store costume
  • Use for shipping the costume

Costume Care & Use Guide

  • Costume Assembly Instructions
  • Important Safety Precautions
  • Required Reading