Safetypup® Costume Care & Use Guide

The Safetypup® Costume Care & Use Guide contains important information for anyone wearing the Safetypup® Costume or assisting as a Spotter. A printed copy of the guide is included with each costume, but if misplaced we’ve added this section to our website just in case. 

Please be sure you’ve read and understand the Safetypup® Costume Care & Use Guide before wearing & washing the costume AND before being a Spotter.

Your NEW Safetypup® Costume

It’s a great opportunity to make an important impact on children and families in your community.

Please remember that the Safetypup® Costume must only be worn to programs or events that further public information, education, and awareness in child safety, law enforcement, and accident prevention.

Your new Safetypup® Costume is one of the finest costumes available to help law enforcement educate children & parents about child safety and accident prevention.

Any inappropriate use is strictly prohibited.

Costume Checklist

When you unpack or store your Safetypup® Costume, please inspect each piece and verify they are clean & in working order. Use this interactive checklist, tap an image to check off, or use version included in the Safetypup® Costume Care & Use Guide PDF.

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Costume Assembly

Before wearing the Safetypup® Costume, some assembly is required. Please follow these steps to ensure proper assembly.

1- Inserting the Waist-hoop

Insert the hoop thru opening in the back.

Feed hoop all the way thru until you can see both ends.


Connect the ends of waist-hoop together.


Adjust costume so hoop forms round belly shape.


2- Attaching the Tail & Belt

Insert tail into the opening and attach to four fasteners.

Insert yellow belt thru the loops on outside of jumpsuit.


Attach the belt in the back using the hook & loop fastener.


Be sure belt is not too tight causing costume to pucker.


3- Jumpsuit & Cape

Open the back & step into the jumpsuit.


Close the back using the hook & loop fastener.


Attach cape to hook & loop at shoulders.


Tie the cape loosly around the neck.


4- Safetypup® Feet

Open the back of the boot, insert your foot & close.


Tie the strap around your ankle.


Tuck and “blouse” any excess pant legs in to the yellow cuff.


Check that pants are not hanging out of yellow cuff.


5- Safetypup® Head

Place head inside of headgear and turn on fan.


Check that cape is tucked under red collar.


Adjust until red collar hangs down over shoulders.


Head should set evenly on shoulders without tipping.


6- Safetypup® Gloves

Slip thumb through the elastic loops sewed inside sleeves.


Bunch up and hold remaining sleeve material.


Slide glove on keeping middle & ring fingers together.


Tightly fasten glove cuff and tuck in excess sleeve.


Important Safety Precautions

For your own safety, please consult with your physician if you have any questions about your ability to wear the costume.

It can get HOT in the costume!

Only those who have read this guide and understand these precautions should wear the costume.

DO NOT wear the Safetypup® costume if you have any of the following medical conditions or restrictions:


  • heart condition
  • neck or back problems
  • history of seizures
  • sensitivity to heat
  • breathing problems
  • any other problem that could endanger your health

IMMEDIATELY stop wearing the costume and seek medical attention if you feel:

  • dizzy
  • over heated
  • nauseous
  • faint
  • or shortness of breath

Cooling Techniques:

  • Limit wearing time, approximately 30minutes, especially during hot weather.
  • Sip cool water SLOWLY if very hot.
  • Always use the cooling fan when wearing the costume.

The Spotter’s Job

A spotter (a.k.a. chaperone) is required to assist the costume wearer at ALL TIMES.

Basically, the spotter helps Safetypup® dress/undress and alerts them to any situation or hazard they may not be able to “spot” themselves.

Spotters should also be knowledgable in child safety & NCSC materials so they can speak for Safetypup®.

The spotter watches for:

  • changes in the floor/ground
  • inclines
  • debris
  • stairs or other obstacles
  • young children approaching for a handshake or hug
  • children asking questions
Never use children as Spotters!

Always have a Spotter.

Costume Storage

Keep your Safetypup® Costume, the Costume Care & Use Guide, and any other instructions inside the shipping/storage box in a well ventilated, dry area.

ALWAYS remove the batteries from fan unit before storing.

Failing to do this could damage the fans battery compartment & switch.

1. Store your Safetypup® head in the upright position (chin down) with other items in the plastic bag they arrived in.

2. Place the feet in the plastic bags along side the head in the bottom of the box.

3. Replace the plastic bags if they become lost or damaged to keep everything separate and clean.

4. Never store parts wet, doing so could cause damage.

5. Always be certain that all parts are clean and completely dry before storing.

6. Avoid keeping costume in vehicle trunks or back seats for long periods of time.

7. Damage that could occur this way is not covered by warranty.

Cleaning & Maintenance

To keep the integrity of the Safetypup® Costume, please take proper steps to ensure that your costume will remain in good condition for years to come.

Jumpsuit, Cape, & Gloves

65% Polyester 35% Cotton


Delicate cycle/inside out


(for best results AIR DRY GLOVES)




ALWAYS remove the tail, yellow belt, & waist-hoop before washing!

Always clean and dry the costume after use & before storing.

Never store the costume soiled, wet, or damp.

Spray the inside of the head with a disinfectant after each use.

Only spot wash the Safetypup® Head, Feet, Belt, & Tail.

Many minor repairs can be made using a hot glue gun, contact adhesive, needle & thread, or black permanent marker.

Head, Tail, Feet, & Belt

65% Polyester 35%Cotton








(Never machine wash or dry these items.)

Limited Warranty & Service

6-Month Limited Warranty

NCSC offers a 6-month limited warranty that covers all parts and labor on the Safetypup® Costume and accessories. If during this time you discover a problem, please contact our costume department for assistance.

NCSC is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages/injuries in connection with or arising from the use of the costume or accessories. The buyer is responsible for training individuals that wear the Safetypup® costume.

Non-adherence to the care instructions may void the warranty.

Service and Parts Replacement

Please consult the costume checklist for names of parts and contact us for availability & costs. Replacement parts are limited. Our Costume Department will do its best to solve any problems you may experience, or answer any questions you may have about your Safetypup® costume. We hope to solve most problems over the phone.

For Service, contact us via telephone or email.

Headgear Assembly

After removing the helmet suspension insert, many times by mistake, some users have a tricky time getting it back in place. This short instructional could help.

Step 1

Step 1: Inserted Liner in helmet.

Insert line in helmet.

Step 2

Step 1: Inserted Liner in helmet.

Make sure the strap and tab insert piece looks like this example.

Step 3

Step 1: Inserted Liner in helmet.
Line up strap and tab insert piece with notch in helmet.

Step 4

Step 1: Inserted Liner in helmet.
Tab insert slides into notch.

Step 5

Step 1: Inserted Liner in helmet.
Push down tab insert tight into notch.