Safetypup® Costume Child Safety Mascot from National Child Safety Council

Costume Storage

ALWAYS remove the batteries from fan unit before storing.

Failing to do this could damage the fans battery compartment & switch.

1. Store your Safetypup® head in the upright position (chin down) with other items in the plastic bag they arrived in.

2. Place the feet in the plastic bags along side the head in the bottom of the box.

3. Replace the plastic bags if they become lost or damaged to keep everything separate and clean.

4. Never store parts wet, doing so could cause damage.

5. Always be certain that all parts are clean and completely dry before storing.

6. Avoid keeping costume in vehicle trunks or back seats for long periods of time.

7. Damage that could occur this way is not covered by warranty.

Keep your Safetypup® Costume, the Costume Care & Use Guide, and any other instructions inside the shipping/storage box in a well ventilated, dry area.