Safetypup® Costume Child Safety Mascot from National Child Safety Council

Costume Assembly

Before wearing the Safetypup® Costume some assembly is required.

Please follow these steps to ensure proper assembly.

1- Inserting the Waist-hoop

Insert the hoop thru opening in the back.

Feed hoop all the way thru until you can see both ends.


Connect the ends of waist-hoop together.


Adjust costume so hoop forms round belly shape.


2- Attaching the Tail & Belt

Insert tail into the opening and attach to four fasteners.

Insert yellow belt thru the loops on outside of jumpsuit.


Attach the belt in the back using the hook & loop fastener.


Be sure belt is not too tight causing costume to pucker.


3- Jumpsuit & Cape

Open the back & step into the jumpsuit.


Close the back using the hook & loop fastener.


Attach cape to hook & loop at shoulders.


Tie the cape loosly around the neck.


4- Safetypup® Feet

Open the back of the boot, insert your foot & close.


Tie the strap around your ankle.


Tuck and “blouse” any excess pant legs in to the yellow cuff.


Check that pants are not hanging out of yellow cuff.


5- Safetypup® Head

Place head inside of headgear and turn on fan.


Check that cape is tucked under red collar.


Adjust until red collar hangs down over shoulders.


Head should set evenly on shoulders without tipping.


6- Safetypup® Gloves

Slip thumb through the elastic loops sewed inside sleeves.


Bunch up and hold remaining sleeve material.


Slide glove on keeping middle & ring fingers together.


Tightly fasten glove cuff and tuck in excess sleeve.