Safetypup® Costume Child Safety Mascot from National Child Safety Council

Costume Guidelines

Safetypup® is a trusted role-model for children nation wide.

Always use appropriate conduct while wearing the Safetypup® costume.

Never engage in any activity that is illegal or inappropriate for the image of Safetypup® or your department.

Be professional, friendly, and courteous at all times, & never purposely frighten or startle children.

Try to be extra animated when wearing the costume to bring Safetypup® to life and not appear “flat”. (Example: Wave, clap, and point with both hands, lift an ear to listen, kneel when visiting with a small child, keep hands on hips in a “Super Hero” pose when standing still, etc.)

10 Tips For Wearing the Safetypup® Costume

1. ALWAYS have a Spotter with you. 

2. Some users can choose to wear their street shoes inside the Safetypup® feet, although they will not accommodate very large shoes.

3. Walking with a “Marching Style” step gives Safetypup® his peppy walk and reduces your chance of tripping.

4. Pre-set the head gear size for depth & width before wearing. This will help to prevent the Safetypup® head from wobbling.

5. Test the fan before wearing, insert new batteries as needed.

6. Keep long hair tucked in & tied back to avoid getting caught in the fan.

7. ONLY be seen in full costume. (All pieces MUST be worn together.) Keep the costume out of view before and after use. I.e. carry in storage box. The costume should only be put on & taken off in private.

8.  The Safetypup® costumed character MUST NEVER SPEAK. The spotter or accompanying officer must always speak for Safetypup®.

9.  Avoid wearing the costume in the rain.

10. NEVER operate dangerous machinery, or eat or drink while wearing the Safetypup® Costume. Always treat the costume with care and respect.

Seeing Thru the Nose Greatly Improves the Appearance
  • Avoid pushing or scratching the nose-screen.
  • If scratched, the screen can be touched up using a black permanent marker.
  • Avoid getting marker on the costume.